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AI Powered Data Science Services and Solutions

We help startups and enterprises to systemize better decision making through the latest and evolving technologies and provide an impactful business solutions while sticking to the basic goal.


Deliver Analytics Across The Business

Making data driven decisions instinctive with AI powered solutions open up the possibility to acquire the exact knowledge about data. Plug-and-Play the Solutions which aim at providing high quality and complex analytics solutions, which will turn your raw data into qualifiable information.

  • Customer Behavior AnalysisCustomer Behavior Analysis
  • De-Duplication De-Duplication
  • Fraud Analysis Fraud Analysis
  • Price PredictionPrice Prediction

Benefits Of Using Behavior Analysis Into Your Business

With the significant growth in customer service sectors, comes a constant need of interpreting customer's need. Solely relying on the experience and intuition is not enough to hold, convert and retain your customers. To get a good insight and make prompt and precise actions, knowing the influences that drives the customers is important. We, the AIGOMATIK GLOBAL will help you to get the actionable insights by analyzing billions of data, resulting to enhance your productivity.

  • Achieve More Insight into Business Operations

  • Customer Retention

  • Improve Business Performance

  • Impactful Marketing Campaigns

  • Reduce Churns

  • Save Time and Cost

Effective Analytical Solutions For Your Business

  • Dynamic Customer Segmentation

    To target each group based on common characteristics and cater to their needs more adequately.

  • Customer Recommendation System

    To keep engage and retain loyal customers by offerings best suited customized solutions.

  • Analyze Traffic Flow

    To design the best navigation path to reach popular products or categories for customers.

  • Customer Behavioral Insights

    To better understand the customer’s perception and anticipate customer’s demand.

  • Competitor Analysis

    To explore content management and content engagement of competitors.

  • MIS Reports

    For personalize viewing of categorical data for making better strategies.

Benefits Of Using Dedupe Into Your Business

The existence of multiple records for the same real entity is the product of involuntary situations such as simple typos during data entry procedures, ambiguity in attribute values such as transliterations and abbreviations, and inconsistency and incompleteness due to over specification and under specification (two addresses for the same person, or address completely missing), respectively, or evolving values such as address changes. Dealing with this issue can be a big burden. Hence data needs to be matched and clustered accurately to get meaningful analytics.

  • Maintain Data Volume

  • Lower Costs Per Unit Of Stored Data

  • Speed Up Query Response Time

  • Interpret Ambiguous And Jumbled up Data

  • Require Low Hardware Specifications

  • Maintain A Clean Database

Effective Analytical Solutions For Your Business

  • Cluster Every Amount Of Data

    Handle and transform millions of data with a short amount of time.

  • Data Source Independent Process

    Extract and Perform deduplication from csv to excel to any sql or Nosql dataset.

  • Analyze Realtime Data

    Segregate new data from the data pipeline and perform the operation.

  • Convert to Structured Data

    Anticipate fingerprint columns and follow a regressive data featuring process to clean up the dataset.

  • Set Weights And Make Decisions

    Evaluate matching percentage within a cluster for better auditing.

  • Generate Canonical Values

    Make strategies to get the best name out of the clustered data.

Benefits Of Using Fraud Analysis Into Your Business

Fraud prevention is a strategic goal for banking and payments industries. The rise of mobile payments and the competition for the best customer experience nudge banks to reduce the number of verification stages, which makes them particularly vulnerable to digital fraudulent activities. Frauds can also be isolated using several outlier detection techniques. Outlier detection algorithms have their own way of tackling the problem, such as time series analysis, cluster analysis, real-time monitoring of transactions, anomaly detection etc.

  • Discover New Fraud Patterns

  • Notify Customer Before Fraud Happens

  • Block Suspect And Bogus Accounts

  • Scale Up High Level Defense System

  • Do Authenticated Transactions

  • Frees Team Up From Repetitive Tasks

Effective Analytical Solutions For Your Business

  • Find Hidden And Implicit Correlations in Data

    Analyze both structured, table-type data, and unstructured texts.

  • Realtime Data Processing

    System assesses account behavior in each operation and provides real-time judgment.

  • Customized Verification Methods

    Divide transactions into regular and suspicious ones and craft verification system accordingly.

  • Iterate Over Large Dataset Within a Short Time Span

    Spam detection, image recognition, predictive analytics etc. facilitates the machines to respond to different situations despite of having a large dataset.

  • Reduce False Positive Alarms

    Defend from not loosing potential customers.

  • Auto Detection Of Possible Fraud Scenario

    Recognize existing patterns that signal specific fraud scenarios.

Benefits Of Using Prediction/Forecasting Into Your Business

Utilizing historical data to make informed estimates about the direction of future trends is the need of the hour of different business ventures. Qualitive, Quantitive and Casual are the three models that acts as a base of any business forecasting. Every decision taken, every budget allocated, every client chased are based on informed reasoning. Forecasting helps to identify the best places to be focused on and also plan for both short- and long-term futures.

  • Proper Knowledge Of The Market

  • Know Customer Engagements

  • Gauge Effectiveness Of Campaigns

  • Set Effective Product Lifecycle

  • Reduce Uncertainties and Risks

  • Set Activity Goals

Effective Analytical Solutions For Your Business

  • Produce Logical and Systematic Estimations

    By recognizing patterns, trends, and changes in the data using machine Learning Models.

  • Forecasting of Earnings

    Support for every organizations to ensure smooth and continuous working process.

  • Find Patterns from Pre Existing Data

    To increase the reliability of Assumptions and Estimations.

  • Planning Under All Circumstances

    By setting up different plan of action for several outcomes in the light of existing conditions and environments.

  • Consider Time Horizon Lengthening

    Foreseeing how some value or event would turn out to be over at the periodical backdrop of time.

  • Continually Refined Information

    By Acquiring new business data and monitoring throughout the modeling to insure the validity of the model.

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Converting Problems Into Solutions

  • 1. Data Ingestion From Various Sources

  • 2. Data Preparation For Modeling Purpose

  • 3. Algorithm Identification For The Use-Cases

  • 4. Machine Learning Model Development

  • 5. Model Execution For Multiple Times

  • 6. Model Scoring and Ranking

  • 7. Training And Retraining The Models


Designing Specific Technological Stack For The Need Of A Stable And Fast Application Is Our Expertise

As a Data Science Consulting and AI Powered Solution Provider company, we always keep track of emerging technologies and have developed our proprietary models and tools to deliver benefits to our clients. However it takes a significant amount of data for models to become accurate. Without enough and appropriate data points the machines may learn the wrong inferences and make erroneous or irrelevant assessments.

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